34) Beauties of 7 Musical Notes

This essay explores the nature of Indian classical music and Saint Tyagaraja immense contribution toward the Carnatic music of South India.

Hints to the Ancient Wisdom

Saint Tyagaraja, one among the grand musical trinity of the Carnatic (South Indian) classical music, was a composer of very high order. The legend says that he was bestowed with the wisdom of “SĀMA Vēda” by the very sage NĀRADA. His compositions are filled with divine romance, literal articulations that melt our hearts, the musical structure (The Rāga, Tāḷa, Laya, etc.) that makes us spellbound. Many of his compositions are lost in the abyss of time. But those that are available, reminds us of his eternal existence and attune us into the domains of divine romantic ecstasy in which he was once immersed!

In this article, I choose one of his songs “Śōbhillu Saptaswara …” that extol the beauty of the 7 musical notes (Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Da, Ni). It is composed in Jaganmōhini Rāga and set to Rūpaka Tāḷa. There is also…

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