Convert us, We’re adaptable But we’re poor. We’re hungry too. Passing by a temple, a man of god advised “come on in, become Hindu, and be happy and wise.” So, we put on the Hindu hats. “Now close eyes to forget the hunger.” “Meditate for transcendental wonder.” Then a voice was delivered from a nearby mosque “Become Muslims for glory to god,” We emerged as Muslims from the sacred spot. More cordial invites “come on in, become…” Christians, Buddhists, and other religious faiths. And we collected more badges in our divine sails. We’re now multi-religious with multi-god beliefs. Without any … Continue reading SEEKING SOLACE AMID POVERTY AND HUNGER

Honours For LINK Newspaper Founder Promod Puri!

“Promod Puri has stood tall like a lighthouse shedding light, guiding and linking communities within a community without passing personal judgement, prejudice or taking sides. Without fear he has promoted what is just and what is right. He founded The Link Newspaper and served as its Editor for almost three decades. He is a beacon of hope of impartiality for all of us. He was awarded a Journalism Award at the annual Dr. Ambedkar Chetna Award Night 2018 in Vancouver last Saturday. Ashok Bhargava president of Writers International Network introduced Puri by paying a rich tribute to the contribution he … Continue reading Honours For LINK Newspaper Founder Promod Puri!


“Muslims are savage.” And that is the unrealistic image many non-Muslims have worldwide. Muslims rulers in the Arab countries led by Saudi rogue autocrats are the ones who are mainly responsible for creating this misleading impression. In this age of social media, when news spreads very fast, the brutalities and killings in their kingdoms and arranged murders elsewhere, as has happened with Jamal Khashoggi recently, the savage impression of Muslims is established and widely generalized. Brutal Muslims rulers must be contained. Their behavior tarnishes the image of Muslims being humane and peaceful people. It is for that reason human rights … Continue reading BARBARIAN RULERS CREATE BAD IMAGE OF MUSLIMS WORLDWIDE 

Understanding Physics of 2018 Nobel Winners

by Promod Puri We are quite familiar with tweezers, the small nippers for plucking out unwanted hairs or extracting splinters. But when these little tools are made of light beams to hold very tiny objects in scientific and medical fields, the optical tweezers play quite a significant role as technical aids in the studies of motions and behavior of molecular or cellular particles. That precisely the reason the 2018 Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to Arthur Ashkin for his works on optical tweezers. Other co-winners of the Nobel Prize in physics are Gerard Mourou and Canadian scientist Donna … Continue reading Understanding Physics of 2018 Nobel Winners