26) The Glory of Ganesha

Hints to the Ancient Wisdom

Hi! Today is the festival day of our beloved lord “Gaṇēśa”. A special thing today is that I am uploading, for the first time, a song played by me on my flute! It is a carnatic song on Gaṇapati, composed by Sri Muttuswami Dīkṣitār – “Vātāpi Gapati …”.  I will be commenting on  that song in this article, bringing out the subtle aspects of Ganesha to the light. Enjoy listening and reading 🙂

The Composer:

Sri Muttuswami Dīkṣitār is one of the trinity musicians in the Carnatic style of Indian music. He composed almost all his songs in Sanskrit. His father was the inventor of the “Rāga – Haṃsadhwani” of the present song. Muttuswami is known to have had direct blessings of the goddess Saraswathi who presented him his Vīṇa, which still exists in his home town, even today. Whatever the legend may be, his songs show his uniqueness in…

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