Democracy should operate like traffic lights with controlling signals assuring the equal right of way and smooth flow of all the traffic including pedestrians. -Promod Puri



by Promod Puri Surya Devta or Sun god enjoys a unique status in Hindu iconography as the visible divine personality emerging from the horizon every day. But when it is not seen because of rain or cloudy sky, a devotee can learn from the devoutness of sunflower towards the Sun. Sunflower is a true devotee … Continue reading LEARNING FROM SUNFLOWER IN PRAYERS TO SUN GOD


By Promod Puri “words are the tools of writing.” But not quite so! Words, in fact, are the bricks and mortars we select and gather to build a structure. Its architecture and construction are based on our thoughts, opinions, and feelings, perceptions and impressions, or sharing of information, knowledge, and experiences. In our learning faculty, … Continue reading WORDS AS BRICKS, WRITING IS A CONSTRUCTION JOB

“Adarsh Bahu” University Certification

“Adarsh Bahu,” that is not the title of an old Hindi movie or a forthcoming Bollywood release. But it is a newly-introduced three-month study offered by a university in Bhopal, India.   After the completion of the “Adarsh Bahu” curriculum, a certificate will be handed to the “Adarsh” (ideal) graduates.   Unlike most other courses … Continue reading “Adarsh Bahu” University Certification

Concept Of Truth In Jeopardy

Have we lost our grip on the truth? Shutterstock Arie Kruglanski, University of Maryland The concept of truth is under assault, but our troubles with truth aren’t exactly new. What’s different is that in the past, debates about the status of truth primarily took place in intellectual cafes and academic symposia among philosophers. These days, … Continue reading Concept Of Truth In Jeopardy

26) The Glory of Ganesha

Hints to the Ancient Wisdom

Hi! Today is the festival day of our beloved lord “Gaṇēśa”. A special thing today is that I am uploading, for the first time, a song played by me on my flute! It is a carnatic song on Gaṇapati, composed by Sri Muttuswami Dīkṣitār – “Vātāpi Gapati …”.  I will be commenting on  that song in this article, bringing out the subtle aspects of Ganesha to the light. Enjoy listening and reading 🙂

The Composer:

Sri Muttuswami Dīkṣitār is one of the trinity musicians in the Carnatic style of Indian music. He composed almost all his songs in Sanskrit. His father was the inventor of the “Rāga – Haṃsadhwani” of the present song. Muttuswami is known to have had direct blessings of the goddess Saraswathi who presented him his Vīṇa, which still exists in his home town, even today. Whatever the legend may be, his songs show his uniqueness in…

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The Symptom And Cause Theory Of 9/11

It is 9/11 today. The anniversary date of a major terrorist attack on the American soil September 11,2001. 9/11s have happened before and after. These are still occurring all over the globe. It befell on Vietnam, Iraq, and continues in Afghanistan and Syria. 9/11s erupts every now and then in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Call … Continue reading The Symptom And Cause Theory Of 9/11


Religion basically is just a vehicle for delivering goods of spirituality, ethics, and morality. If the vehicle fails to deliver the desired goods or it is loaded with unethical and immoral junk by its operators, the recipient can refuse to accept that delivery. And rightfully seek another vehicle which only delivers the good stuff. In … Continue reading RIGHT TO CHANGE RELIGIOUS VEHICLE


By Promod Puri Sometime back my nieces and nephews along with a few of their aunties and uncles formed a family group on the social media and named it “The Intellectuals.” The idea was to stay in touch with each other wherever we’re globally settled. Since its formation, the group, despite being calling itself as … Continue reading THE PUN IN BEING AN INTELLECTUAL