Back Lane Environmentalists

My salutation goes to those poor and destitute trash collectors who carry shopping carts or plastic bags collecting refundable empty beer, liquor, soda bottles, cans and juice containers while picking up the litter for a cleaner environment.   Monday is our garbage, compost and recycling pick up day.   The back lane becomes a goldmine. It has more foot traffic for collectors. The empties are the gold. These are dug out from garbage containers and blue boxes. And the booties are loaded in wobbling shopping carts or carried in tattered bags.   How much one can collect depends on how … Continue reading Back Lane Environmentalists

What’s Hindutva And Why It Conflicts With Hinduism

By Promod Puri The expression Hindutva emerged from Hinduism which simply means a state or quality of being a Hindu. However, going through its etymology Hindutva sought a wider demarcation to move free from Hinduism but keeping a bonded identity with it as well. The Hindutva ideology was first introduced in 1923 by Maharashtra-based Hindu social and political activist Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. As an advocate of sovereignty, Savarkar started his public life as a radical freedom fighter for the liberation of India from British rule. In this stint, he spent several years in jail, including the infamous and torturous cells … Continue reading What’s Hindutva And Why It Conflicts With Hinduism

When Immigrants Become Anti-immigrants

By Promod Puri With compassionate temperament, an immigrant is not expected to be an anti-immigrant. But without that sentiment, immigrants can be anti-immigrant. Or they are selective in their prejudiced choice of immigrants. The sentiment of humanism over time fades as mindset attitudes toward fellow human beings based on religion and ethnicity take over. The prospective immigrants are thus categorized as “illegal and “legal,” refugees and migrants. But, except being a criminal, nobody is illegal. And those refugee claimants and migrants who “jump the queue” do so in desperation because there is no dedicated queue with considerate sympathies. Politicians of … Continue reading When Immigrants Become Anti-immigrants

Legacies of Rajiv Gandhi And Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Soon names of streets, airports, schools, colleges and universities and other institutions in India will be dotted with the name of Atal Bihari Vajpayee by the BJP government, just like Congress did for Rajiv Gandhi. In the public eye, both leave a legacy of being gentleman-politicians. But for both them, their legacy also includes inciting and supporting the most heinous crimes against humanity. Rajiv Gandhi for being responsible for the carnage against Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of northern India. And Vajpayee for the anti-Muslim riots following the demolition of Babri Masjid and in Godhra, Gujarat. Continue reading Legacies of Rajiv Gandhi And Atal Bihari Vajpayee


“Forgive and forget” is a popular simple lecture or preaching which is easy to give but hard to follow. For our own peace of mind, we may accept and attempt to follow the forgive-and-forget doctrine and move on with our lives. However, the hurt feelings take time to heal in our reconciliation effort. One can forgive. But forgetting can’t go away just by our wish. The latter is influenced by the biology of our memory. Whereas, forgetting involves our brain cells to evacuate an offensive infliction, forgiving needs to absorb in an expanded big heart. Forgiving can be possible while … Continue reading FORGIVE AND FORGET

Beyond The Confines Of Atheism And Theism

By Promod Puri When atheists reject the concept or existence of God, their conclusion is based on limited perception. The reason, we human beings are like a speck of creature in this colossal universe incapable of fathoming its enormity. Their case does not win credibility either by just ridiculing those who believe in God. And those under theism believing that God exists in physical form or in some supernatural and transcendental actuality, and offers a sensory experience, then it is merely an unjustified and ritualistic impression. This conception can be easily rejected in the face of the rationale-seeking contemporary society. … Continue reading Beyond The Confines Of Atheism And Theism


Fidel Castro, the hero of the Communist-socialist world of the Leftists, was born 92 years ago on August 13,1926. The 1959 Fidel Castro’s armed political revolt had a utopian communist promise of prosperity for Cubans. With massive Russian aid, the country survived in meeting the basic needs of its people, and that included Cuba’s pride declaration of free education and the “best” medical system in the world. The dictatorial regime of 60 years of Castro did not turn the political revolt into an economic revolution. Moreover, typical of authoritarian and Communist regimes freedom of speech and expression were and still … Continue reading LEFTISTS’ HERO FIDEL CASTRO LEGACIES:


by Promod Puri Canada’s Twitter diplomacy in condemning Saudi Arabia has not affected the latter’s tormented human rights record, especially against women. Instead, it generated anger and overreaction from the Saudi leadership resulting with lightning speed the withdrawal of diplomats, investment and trade, stopping of flights and immediate return of the Kingdom’s students from Canada. The question is why the Canadian foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland used the Twitter channel to raise the issue instead of traditional face to face dialogue. Presuming the minister and her advisory staff are not naive in their concern for human rights in Saudi Arabia, … Continue reading CANADA’S TWITTER ATTACK ON S.ARABIA SEEMS HYPOCRITICAL