Legacies of Rajiv Gandhi And Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Soon names of streets, airports, schools, colleges and universities and other institutions in India will be dotted with the name of Atal Bihari Vajpayee by the BJP government, just like Congress did for Rajiv Gandhi. In the public eye, both leave a legacy of being gentleman-politicians. But for both them, their legacy also includes inciting … Continue reading Legacies of Rajiv Gandhi And Atal Bihari Vajpayee



“Forgive and forget” is a popular simple lecture or preaching which is easy to give and accepted, but hard to follow. For our own peace of mind, we may accept and attempt to follow the forgive-and-forget doctrine and move on with our lives. However, the hurt feelings take time to heal in our reconciliation effort. … Continue reading FORGIVE AND FORGET

Beyond The Confines Of Atheism And Theism

By Promod Puri When atheists reject the concept or existence of God, their conclusion is based on limited perception because we human beings are like a speck of creature in this colossal universe incapable of fathoming its enormity. Their case does not win credibility either by just ridiculing those who believe in God. And those … Continue reading Beyond The Confines Of Atheism And Theism


Fidel Castro, the hero of the Communist-socialist world of the Leftists, was born 92 years ago on August 13,1926. The 1959 Fidel Castro’s armed political revolt had a utopian communist promise of prosperity for Cubans. With massive Russian aid, the country survived in meeting the basic needs of its people, and that included Cuba’s pride … Continue reading LEFTISTS’ HERO FIDEL CASTRO LEGACIES:


by Promod Puri Canada’s Twitter diplomacy in condemning Saudi Arabia has not affected the latter's tormented human rights record, especially against women. Instead, it generated anger and overreaction from the Saudi leadership resulting with lightning speed the withdrawal of diplomats, investment and trade, stopping of flights and immediate return of the Kingdom’s students from Canada. … Continue reading CANADA’S TWITTER ATTACK ON S.ARABIA SEEMS HYPOCRITICAL


The acceptance or rejection of any thought, idea or comment by Leftists and Rightists is more based on their ideological commitment rather than logic, rationale or good sense. That is called fanaticism.

If one has understood God thru rituals and customs, then what has been understood is not God.