The struggling democracy in Pakistan which marked the second consecutive transfer of power thru recent ballot is, in reality, more secure and solid than believed otherwise because of its built-in autonomous features. In 2010 Pakistan parliament, to enhance the country’s democratic choice has given its four provinces more local powers in tackling their regional issues. In areas of education, healthcare, agriculture, and many other local matters affecting the daily lives of people, Pakistan’s central government does not dictate or interfere in formulating provincial policies and governance. In its autonomous structure for its provinces lies the democratic strength of Pakistan. -By … Continue reading PAKISTAN’S DEMOCRACY IS AUTONOMOUS


Popular cricketer of yesteryears and a determined political activist to crack the status quo of two-party domination is now the prime minister-elect of Pakistan. The country looks forward to an era of peace and prosperity as promised by Imran Khan for its impoverished people. While Pakistan seems to be poised for an effective change, neighboring India is keenly watching the politics and leadership developments which can impact the relationship between the two ever combating countries. In his victory speech July 26, Imran Khan said, “If India’s leadership is ready, we are ready to improve ties with India. If you step … Continue reading IMRAN KHAN, PAKISTAN, INDIA AND KASHMIR


By Promod Puri This brief article is inspired by widely acclaimed Vancouver-based spiritual writer Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now.” It is not an attempt to give motivational advice. But coming up with an idea, in line with the basic theme of the “Power of Now” in realizing, accepting, capturing and enjoying every moment happening just now. Experience the past, fly over the future, but stay in the present. Moments matter in this stay. These moments come and go in the time flash of now. In an endeavor to dwell in the now, the present moment, let us get into the … Continue reading LIVING IN THE PRESENT


GDP, annual gross domestic product, is the sum of all the goods and services produced by a nation. It numerically indicates the economic growth of a country. But GDP numbers can be manipulated, especially in controlled socialist regimes and by so-called democratic governments across the globe. Besides vulnerable of being corrupted by the deceiving governments, GDP is a flawed measurement to present the true picture of a nation. After all, the economy is not the only valuable indicator of how a nation is doing. There are equally other factors such as inequality, well-being, happiness, and environment, which are important as … Continue reading TIME TO ABANDON GDP


The big environmental cheering is that Starbucks plans to discard the use of plastic straws globally by 2020. Perhaps, the time-frame of two years is needed so the customers can learn or simply de-habituate themselves to enjoy Starbucks cold beverages without straws. Straws for drinking purposes are certainly a big environmental wastage. They are part of the eight million plastic tons of new plastic entering our oceans every year and stays there. If the trend continues, it is estimated that in 32 years from now oceans will contain more plastic than fish. Drinking thru a straw has never been a … Continue reading DRINKING WITHOUT STRAWS

Time To End Cricket Hype With Football

(Looking at the growing worldwide popularity of the game of football, this article is about the importance of the sport, especially for the poor and developing nations). Cricket has been a national obsession in most of the developing and Third World countries. It is about time that the game should be dropped from the status of being the most popular sport. Rather football, aka soccer, must be promoted as such. Despite generating millions of fans in countries like Afghanistan to Zimbabwe along with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc., from a crop of only a few hundred cricketers, that a … Continue reading Time To End Cricket Hype With Football