SAT-CHIT-ANANDA: The Ultimate Bliss

“Sat-chit-ananda” is a three-word moral thesis or maxim which has several philosophical explanations based on Hindu spiritual understanding. In all these interpretations its cardinal message promises divine contentment and bliss. Peace, pleasure, and fulfillment in every aspect of life are the objectives one seeks. The maxim “sat-chit-ananda” is the awareness and consequence of those pursuits. … Continue reading SAT-CHIT-ANANDA: The Ultimate Bliss



By Promod Puri It is about time Vancouver should be ruled by an Indigenous Canadian. The announcement by 45-year-old Squamish Nation Hereditary Chief Ian Campbell to seek the Vancouver mayoral job is a progressive initiative of Indigenous leadership in the City’s affairs. The political evolution also reaffirms the multicultural character of Vancouver which has roots … Continue reading NATIVE MAYOR OF VANCOUVER MORE THAN SYMBOLIC

Political Evolution Through Science, And Religion

By Promod Puri Evolution of any political ideology, and that should be imperative, involves almost all the natural and social sciences, philosophies, metaphysics, as well as the wisdom manifested in spiritual orders. It is in this integrated approach that the political spectrum of Marxism and Leninism, conservatism, and liberalism; capitalism and socialism, or any of … Continue reading Political Evolution Through Science, And Religion


Unlike some other religious orders, Hinduism does not have a centralized controlling authority to guide or to safeguard its values. Without any governing body, Hinduism over the centuries developed the “parmpara”(tradition) of establishing the institution of independent gurus, ‘swamis’ and ‘babas.’ However, looking at the disgraceful conduct of many of these so-called god’s men and … Continue reading CONTROLLING FAKE HINDU GURUS