Besides Humans Everything Else Has Consciousness Too

The universe in its continuum is a conscious body of conscious parts, no matter how tiny or big they are. When the whole is conscious, its parts are conscious too, just like a human body. When it is alive, every organ of it is live as well. There are minds in the universal mind.

Promod Puri

By Promod Puri

What is the difference between me and a spoon, a table, a stone, or any object or a thing? Both are physical matters. But I have consciousness others don’t. Or maybe they have it which I don’t sense. Anyway, that is what distinguishes me and the “non-consciousness” objects.

How is this distinction through consciousness created which directs the nature of physical matter to make it a mindful entity?

There are two theories.

However, before we approach these concepts let us define or get a practical understanding of consciousness.

According to Wikipedia consciousness is an “inward awareness of an external object, state, or fact,” and these could include perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. The key words are “inward awareness” suggesting it is already present. The dictionary explanation says, “full activity of the mind and senses.” In that activity, the knowledge gained through external or inherent factors stimulate the development…

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