Awake India, awake to his vision. Leave those caste barriers, acquire knowledge, be strong in body and be a Khalsa in spirit. Your religion doesn’t matter. Khalsa is a state of mind, not just a religion. by Frank Hazur While Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi across India; rest of India wonders if it is about doing the Bhangra and dancing. No, it is not; Vaisakhi holds a lesson for all Indians. So the day 13 April 1699, in a congregation of people from across India were standing there listening to their Guru, Gobind Rai. Gobind Rai asked for the human sacrifice of … Continue reading WHY INDIA MUST KNOW ABOUT VAISAKHI….


Before goons and fanatics (using the word Hindu for them disgraces my sacred religion) demolish another mosque or church, they can go and bulldoze the Kathua temple, a disgraced structure now, and a symbol of national shame and stigma. Till now it was a place of reverence and tranquility. But the temple’s sanctity and divinity were grounded by its very custodian, the caretaker priest and his accomplices in the vicious and disgusting acts of rape and murder of just eight-year-old girl within its premises. That too, right in the presence of murtis of Hindu goddesses from whom they seek morality … Continue reading FANATICS CAN DEMOLISH DISGRACED KATHUA TEMPLE

Through Law, Ambedkar Declared Manusmriti Illegal

By Promod Puri (In celebration of Dr.Ambedkar Jayanti and his birthday) Earlier in the mid 19th century Jyotirao Phule, an activist, reformer, and theologist from Maharashtra initiated the struggle to end the social exploitation of the outcasts. He espoused the word Dalit originating from the Marathi language meaning broken and crushed. He denounced the caste system and focused on the rights of depressed classes. The campaign against caste system gathered momentum under contemporary leader Dr. Bhumirao Ramji Ambedkar at the forefront. He vehemently opposed the caste-based discrimination and fought against the plight of Shudras and Dalits. Hinduism, he argued if … Continue reading Through Law, Ambedkar Declared Manusmriti Illegal


While most Hindu deities are revered thru their symbolic medium of murtis, the sun god is worshiped not only as graphic or statue-like idol, but in His live appearance as well. Surya Namaskar or salutation is an early morning Hindu prayer in standing posture and with folded hands facing the sun god. Surya Devta or sun god enjoys unique status in Hindu iconography as the visible divine personality emerging from the horizon every day. His celestial arrival frees a devotee from ritualistic customs or caste-based barricades and taboos to have an independent face to face obeisance and worship. The sun … Continue reading SUN GOD

Court Considering Case For Chimps As Persons

NY Times April 9, 2018 By Jeff Seb, director of the animal studies program at New York University. You might be aware that chimpanzees can recognize themselves in a mirror, communicate through sign language, pursue goals creatively and form long-lasting friendships. You might also think that these are the kinds of things that a person can do. However, you might not think of chimpanzees as persons. The Nonhuman Rights Project does. Since 2013, the group has been working on behalf of two chimpanzees, Kiko and Tommy, currently being held in cages by their “owners” without the company of other chimpanzees. … Continue reading Court Considering Case For Chimps As Persons


“Utopias are idealized visions of a perfect society. Utopianisms are those ideas put into practice.This is where the trouble begins.” This is called dystopia. Writes Michael Shermer Publisher, Skeptic magazine. “Dystopias are failed social experiments, repressive political regimes, and overbearing economic systems that result from utopian dreams put into practice.”https://qz.com/1243042/utopia-is-a-dangerous-ideal-we-should-aim-for-protopia/ Continue reading UTOPIA INVITES TROUBLES

Redesigning Political & Economic Systems

Redesigning of our political and economic systems based on changing social needs as well as our ethical and environmental commitments will be more viable, responsive and revered than the outdated, impractical and utopian Socialist idealism, and greedy Capitalism. The contemporary world society seeks that the idiosyncrasy of the present sociopolitical Left and the Right cultures should be replaced by a new political and economic ideology. An integrated approach is needed where modern sciences, ethics, and environmental updates can be part of both the political and economic systems -Promod Puri Continue reading Redesigning Political & Economic Systems


Democratic freedoms breed authoritarianism. Consolidation of power, achieved through democratic means, is a tempting phenomenon when regimes are slowly being wrapped up in totalitarianism. Nationalism is aroused, and the fear factor is introduced by scapegoating foreign enemies and targeting the minorities. To streamline the influence of fear several practices and arrangements are mobilized. Judiciary, the intelligence agencies, the income tax department, the police forces, state-sponsored ‘terrorism,’ and the disciplined media are the channels to move democracy towards fascism. It is a camouflaged and uneven process which the majority and middle class naively get adapted to acceptable disturbance to fake national … Continue reading WHEN DEMOCRACY CHANGES TO AUTHORITARIANISM

Should Politics Be Separated From Religion?

“Politics and religion must be kept separate” is an acknowledged doctrine in secular and democratic-socialist systems. But there are elements in most religions that are liberal, secular, and democratic. For these reasons, politics can incorporate religion in its order, whereas religion can keep its sanctity if the “dirty politics” stay out of it. It is a fact that the laws of the land with their universal application have been constituted from religious teachings to institute political ideologies. Barack Obama cites that “The Majority of great reformers in American history were not only motivated by faith but repeatedly used religious language … Continue reading Should Politics Be Separated From Religion?