Silence is not golden…

Silence is not golden by the ruling leadership when it is strategically used to carry an evil agenda in running the affairs of a country. Especially, when the motive is to impose an ideology of both political and religious nature with dictatorial objectives. Continue reading Silence is not golden…

Trudeau Establishes New Political Etiquettes

By Promod Puri When he said, the word “mankind” should be changed to “peoplekind,” there was something which seemed eccentric to many folks in prime minister Justin Trudeau. But his idiosyncrasy reflects his style which is not normal for most world politicians or public figures. Otherwise, which prime minister or president visiting a foreign country on an official visit would act, dance and dress the way Trudeau did along with his adorable family during their recent trip to India. It was most informal or casual style which defied the existing standards or protocols expected from a visiting head of state. … Continue reading Trudeau Establishes New Political Etiquettes


By Promod Puri Prime minister Justin Trudeau’s recent week-long India trip has been dubbed by most of the Canadian media as a disaster for no reasons on his part. It began the moment he landed in a country known for its traditional warm hospitality. But for Trudeau and his family, it was the most cold-shouldered welcome at the Delhi airport being received by a junior cabinet minister instead of prime minister Modi who seems to be selective in the choice of whom to personally welcome at the airport. This lukewarm reception might have produced some resentment among those in the … Continue reading AMID FUROR TRUDEAU CREATES NEW POLITICAL ETIQUETTES:

Padmaavat Glorifies Immolation Custom & Stereotypes Muslims

By Promod Puri Hyped, and promoted by the controversy, I got induced to view Padmaavat on the big screen. Besides, seeking some entertainment, my scrutiny was also aiming at any scene, dialogues or actions which could support all the reported fuss and anger in India about Padmaavat extravaganza. Does the movie devalue Rajputs or covet to insult them in whatsoever manner? No, not at all. Contrarily, it has overstepped in glorifying Rajputs’ identity. Their ethical character, besides as a warrior community, has been intently prioritized in the overall Padmaavat film melodrama. In his rhetoric cinematic and dialogue delivery which boast … Continue reading Padmaavat Glorifies Immolation Custom & Stereotypes Muslims

Temple Hinduism, Meditation And Karma

By Promod Puri “Temple-Hinduism” is an expression introduced by Vasudha Narayanan, Professor of Religion, University of Florida. The terminology is not an academic phrasing, nor does it reflect a new sect in Hinduism. It is an interpretation of Hinduism related to the devotional practices of rituals and prayers in temple’s iconological environment. As we know Hinduism in its liberal and diverse traditions offers a range of options for worshipping and contemplation, temple-Hinduism is the dominant and popular choice of devout Hindus. An accepted convention among Hindus is to have home shrines, but a temple aside from a place of worship … Continue reading Temple Hinduism, Meditation And Karma

Introduction of Hinduism In America

The American public formally learned about Hinduism was through the World’s Parliament of Religions, a gathering of practitioners of different faith traditions, which took place in Chicago in 1893. It was at that time when the American public first saw and heard people from “Eastern” religions, including Hindus and Buddhists, on their own soil. Vivekananda, a young monk representing Hinduism famously began his speech hailing his hosts as “brothers and sisters of America.” It was most unusual for an Indian monk to embrace the audience as a single family, at a time when societies were segregated and racial superiority was … Continue reading Introduction of Hinduism In America