Carbon Capturing Worth Believing To Save Environment

By Akshat Rathi Most of us don’t change our minds. Whether the issue at hand is the repeal of net neutrality in the US or Brexit in the UK, we avoid information that might shift our viewpoints, assuming that our opponents are simply dumber than we are. But recently, I had a change of heart about an important issue—and it showed … Continue reading Carbon Capturing Worth Believing To Save Environment


Riding The Tide

Poetry Book Review They say every cloud does have a silver lining. It is natural. It appears along darkest of passing clouds. But Vancouver-based poet laureate Ashok Bhargava himself created that silver-lining by putting together his latest poetry while he braved through his fight against cancerous clouds hanging over his body and mind. “Riding The … Continue reading Riding The Tide

Joys Of Fiji Travels

The following travelogue was written back in 2010 when I visited Fiji, a cluster of islands in the South Pacific region. Besides, visiting some of the most famous tourist attractions, the article also briefly mentions about the people of Fiji, especially its vibrant Indian community.   By Promod Puri Our years of build-up excitement of Fiji … Continue reading Joys Of Fiji Travels