Of babaism and babalog

Vishal Bheeroo

Jai ho! Swami Baba! We are a nation of baba log, Babaism, Sanju Baba, Baba Asaram, Baba Ramdev and teen naam wale Baba Ram Rahim Singh or Sathya (vachchan) Baba Sai ke naam Pe.  Quite a philmy Baba ki kahani! Our Ram Rahim Singh Baba must have watched Amar Akbar Anthony 100 times and borrowed inspiration from Manmohan Desai to get his name. You see Sir! No Naamkaran bas muft ka kharcha for me heard that he got some award for acting. Nautanki Saala!

Image credit: Google/Faking News.

Our Babas are going political nowadays and hobnobbing with the power tonis is so happening in today’s time. Arre bhai! After all, it’s a matter of Khursi pe charcha and followers. What’s the point of accumulating degrees like Vada Pav when I can don an orange robe, make prophecies and keep a day every week for people to worship and fast in…

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One thought on “Of babaism and babalog

  1. Zile Singh says:

    At every street corner, there is a Baba. Looks like that they are the ‘street products’. Interested in these street products are the people who are not street-smart at all. In essence, the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan must clean first this street-dust. Before every thing else, there is a need to have an adequate legislation to curb the mushrooming of such dadoos (frogs) who are disturbing the peace of the society in the darkness of the night. The Second step should be to remove the darkness of the mind of the people who have been taught, ” Step into the Hell for Divinely Cause.”


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