CREATION, CULTIVATION, AND DEVELOPMENT OF THOUGHT By Promod Puri Simple Thought: Infuse purity and ethics in thoughts, base karmas on those thoughts, and enjoy the fruits of those karmas. Mahatma Gandhi says: thoughts become words, words become behavior, behavior becomes habits, habits become values, and values lead to destiny. In the creation of words, behavior, habits, values, and destiny, the conception begins with a thought. It all dawns on this perception. Since destiny is the consequence of thought, the latter itself is the consequence of our feelings, attitudes, knowledge, and experiences. All these factors instigate our cogitative faculties in creating … Continue reading THOUGHTS ON THOUGHT


Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution (日本国憲法第9条 Nihonkokukenpō dai kyū-jō?) is a clause in the national Constitution of Japan outlawing war as a means to settle international disputes involving the state. The Constitution came into effect on May 3, 1947, following World War II. In its text, the state formally renounces the sovereign right of belligerency and aims at an international peace based on justice and order. The article also states that, to accomplish these aims, armed forces with war potential will not be maintained. However, Japan maintains de facto armed forces, referred to as the Japan Self-Defense Forces, which … Continue reading JAPAN COSTITUTION FORBIDS WAR