Dear love

Vishal Bheeroo

Dear Love,

It’s not the end of it. We don’t need to celebrate with flowers, chocolates, and perfumes that the world call Valentine Day to validate our love. Has our love become so cheap that goodies will fulfill our quest and define us? It’s the heart that matters. Silence expresses a myriad of feelings and emotions. I chose not to make out and swirl in the fiery passion of kissing and caressing your skin. Love needs no touch but conveyed through the eyes that express and stokes fire. 

Image source:×368-love-letter.jpg

We are ordinary mortals yet timeless in the way we grow in love. We are not narrating a tale to boost sensual pleasure for the world to speak about us. Love is growth. As separate individuals, we attain the nirvan of love by blooming like red roses. It’s the tide that lifts the boats and the waves that sweep…

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