In the spirit of exchanging New Year greetings, we wish peace and happiness for all humanity. Like animals, plants, mountains, rivers, seas and everything visible and non-visible in this shared universe are all inter-connected and inter-dependent to each other, we seek peace and peaceful existence for all. Peace in all the cosmic environments influences peace in humankind as well. SHANTI (PEACE) MANTRA Aum dyauh shantirantariksam shanti prthivi shantirapah shantirosadhayah shanti vanaspatayah shantirvisvedevah shantirbrahma shantisarvam shantireva shant sa ma shantiredhi Aum shanti shanti shanti. Following is a translated version of the peace mantra: “May peace radiate there in the whole sky … Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR:

Surreal:Word of the Year

“It’s a word that is used to express a reaction to something shocking or surprising, a meaning which is built into its parts: the “real” of surreal is preceded by the French preposition sur, which means “over” or “above.” When we don’t believe or don’t want to believe what is real, we need a word for what seems “above” or “beyond” reality. Surreal is such a word”. Merriam Webster  promodpuri.com   promodpuri.blogspot.com Continue reading Surreal:Word of the Year

Billion $ Business of “Defence”

It is the business of arms and ammunition which is killing many more people worldwide than diseases or natural disasters. And once again the United States of America leads all other weapon-producing countries in 2015. It supplied the weapons of mass killing worth $ 40 BILLION mostly to the developing nations to meet their “defense needs”, reports New York Times (December 26, 2016). France is number two with $15 billion in sales. Other major arms suppliers are Russia ($11.1 billion), China ($6 billion), Sweden, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Britain, and France. Among the leading buyer countries, the tiny nation of Qatar … Continue reading Billion $ Business of “Defence”

Season’s Greetings For All

  In the spirit of exchanging greetings with our friends and relatives we also wish peace and happiness for all the humanity, and join together to bring along everybody so nobody is left out in our celebrations of the holiday season. Realizing that we human beings, along with animals, plants, mountains, rivers, seas and everything visible and non-visible in this shared universe are all inter-connected and inter-dependent to each other, we seek peace and peaceful existence for our environment also. (Image credit Google) promodpuri.com  prgressivehindudialogure.com Continue reading Season’s Greetings For All

Far-Left, Far-Right: Both Can Lead To Authoritarianism

Michael Patrick Cullinane, Reader in US History, Northumbria University, Newcastle Courtesy:theconversation.com As the 20th century wore on, the extremes of left and right proved to be remarkably similar; fascists and communists, for instance, were equally proficient in the ways and their means of authoritarianism. We might think political ideologies cover a linear spectrum ranging from left to right, but a more suitable symbol is the horseshoe – the far-left and far-right ideologies residing at the tips, rather closer together than they might care to admit. Why is this history lesson worth remembering today? Although the media report endlessly on Trump … Continue reading Far-Left, Far-Right: Both Can Lead To Authoritarianism

Racism Is More Than White,Black Or Brown

By Promod Puri Despite its global image of being a tolerant society, racism, and bias towards major ethnic communities are still the rooted aspects of Canada. Added to that, ethnic communities also have mindset racist sentiments among themselves. Moreover, some or most of them exercise bigotry and dislike within their own group. A recent poll by Forum Research reveals the “unfavorable feelings” toward both religious and cultural minorities existing not only among the people but among the voters of all the three national political parties as well. The poll says 41 percent of Canadians do not feel favorable about at … Continue reading Racism Is More Than White,Black Or Brown

Chandra Bodalia: The Man who Captures Smiles

By Promod Puri Chandra Bodalia is a living legend in the South Asian community of B.C. The man who has captured “a million smiles” in the last over 25 years thru his zest for clicks, has also captured the hearts of the community. Chandra-Bhai, as I affectionately call him, is an icon who is almost a permanent fixture in most of the community’s private or public social, political, and religious events.  Cameras and equipment in his hands or hanging from both of his shoulders are part of his personality along with his cool and smiling nature. He is a man … Continue reading Chandra Bodalia: The Man who Captures Smiles

Daily Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure

Yes, of course we all know we should exercise every day during the holiday season to help counter the onslaught of excess calories that started on Thanksgiving and will mercifully end with a New Year’s toast. We may even tire of hearing about exercise and weight from family, friends and the media. But an equally important reason to exercise every day is related to blood pressure, not waistline. As a physiologist who has studied exercise and health for over 20 years, I can tell you that exercise lowers blood pressure – and does so right away. Whether you go for … Continue reading Daily Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure

Cuba offers rum to pay off $276m Czech debt

  Cuba has come up with an unusual way to repay its multi-million dollar debt to the Czech Republic – bottles of its famous rum, officials in Prague say. The Czech finance ministry said Havana had raised this possibility during recent negotiations on the issue. Cuba owes the Czech authorities $276m (£222m), and if the offer is accepted the Czechs would have enough Cuban rum for more than a century. However, Prague said it preferred to get at least some of the money in cash. Havana’s debt dates back from the Cold War era – when Cuba and what was … Continue reading Cuba offers rum to pay off $276m Czech debt

Manmohan Singh On Demonetisation

Modi’s decision on demonetisation  was based on an utterly false premise –“That all cash is black money and all black money is in cash.” The former prime minister elaborates that the “vast majority of Indians earn in cash, transact in cash and save in cash, all legitimately… Unlike the poor, holders of black money have access to various forms of wealth such as land, gold, foreign exchange, etc.” This crucial point Modi did not understand, thus turning demonetisation into a “mammoth tragedy” that has “thrown into disarray” the lives of millions. – The Hindu  promodpuri.com Continue reading Manmohan Singh On Demonetisation


By Promod Puri Whereas rituals, customs and traditions furnish symbolic and distinctive identity to a religion, the pathways to divinity which are paved with morals and ethics, are often debased by its despicable ceremonial rites and practices. It is in this context that the contemporary and progressive political ideologies disdain religion. Its nature is customarily interpreted thru inherent ritualistic practices rather than its doctrines of ethics and noble thoughts. This article delves into the subject of “politics and religion”, and seeks the entry of virtuous, logical, informed, and intelligent religiosity in the political constitution serving the modern societies. The contempt … Continue reading RELIGION HAS GUIDING ROLE IN POLITICS

The Shrinking World Of Leftists

Leftists, a.k.a Communists, are a strange breed of people. Highly educated, highly informed and intellectually persuasive in arguments and discussions. But they live in enclosed communities where their message of leftists’ agenda seldom trickles down to the masses for whom it is meant for. It just circulates among themselves. Leftists are rightfully critical about wrongs, but seldom recognize the worthy happenings in the society. It is their critical or perhaps narcissist nature which blinds them about the positive things happening in the society. For instance the Leftists in India or of Indian origin all over the world are extremely critical … Continue reading The Shrinking World Of Leftists


Fabricated or manufactured news is often a busy supply line on social media and that is mostly responsible for its spread as well. In this age of the internet as the major source of news gathering and distribution, Facebook gets most of the accusations followed by other online media outlets. News stories are posted without any credibility or authenticity check on them. The traditional editorial system to go thru the news is not the norm in social media. And that poses serious problem hurting the information literacy and the search for reality. No doubt the social media provide the platform … Continue reading FABRICATION OF FAKE NEWS

He Fought To Uproot Caste System

Dr. Bhumirao Ramji Ambedkar was a fearless and dedicated soldier who fought to uproot casteism from the contaminated soil of India’s social and religious culture.   Combating religious wrongs is more challenging than tackling other social, economic and political issues. Ambedkar was one of those rare personalities in the history of humankind who consciously ruffled with religious sensitivities.   With his intellect, knowledge and rational understanding of the religion Ambedkar confronted with and impeached the Hindu establishment for its treatment of the Dalits and Untouchables. He awakened the dormant consciousness of the oppressed class who otherwise resigned themselves to the act of … Continue reading He Fought To Uproot Caste System

Hinduism, Diwali and swastikas: Explained

by Douglass Todd The Vancouver Sun, November 1, 2016 With Canada’s 500,000 Hindus celebrating Diwali throughout this week, the awkward topic of the religion’s swastika symbol has again arisen. One young North American Hindu has confessed in a revealing, tender-hearted piece how he often tries to convince his mother not to put Hinduism’s swastika symbol on the doorstep during Diwali. Since most of the Western world associates the swastika with Naziism, Parth Shah told NPR he becomes mortified that North Americans might think his family somehow supports such atrocities. His mother refuses to listen. Metro Vancouver writer-journalist Promod Puri, who … Continue reading Hinduism, Diwali and swastikas: Explained

Genes Determine Our Health-related Fate

Is fate a real belief. Does fate play its role in our lives? Or is it just an imaginary judgment that life is steered by fate. “What is going to happen will happen is pre-determined by fate”. Is it an expression of consolation, helplessness or just a natural feeling to accept fate. The things we do are controlled by fate? In other words that is our karma. The submission of karma to fate is taken as a dictum which needs a critical appraisal. However, there is a new twist in this debate which relates to the role of genes in our … Continue reading Genes Determine Our Health-related Fate

Polarization of Opinion

Our viewpoints are hard to change. We pick up from the internet and social media only that information and knowledge which support those viewpoints. And that consolidates our cognitive biases. Moreover, “If you are exposed only to people with ideas that are like your own, it leads to political polarization: Liberals get even more extreme in their liberalism, and conservatives get more conservative”.Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Professor of Information Studies, Syracuse University. -Promod Puri Continue reading Polarization of Opinion

Good thing about P.M. Trudeau

The good thing about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is that he is neither an extreme leftist nor an extreme rightist. Naturally, he does not have, and rightly so, the “necessary nerve to take polarizing positions on heated issues”. For that reason perhaps, Trudeau approved the expansion of the pipeline that links Alberta’s oil sands to a tanker port in British Columbia. Continue reading Good thing about P.M. Trudeau