Politically the world is divided between two castes. The Leftists and the Rightists. As these are ideologically known and understood. And within these two castes are the sub-castes of Extreme Leftists and Extreme Rightists.  The people in the middle are politically a casteless society. They are the victims when RIghtists’ or Leftists’ agenda is delivered or enforced fanatically. With elements of power, ego and greed, opportunistically embraced by both, the Leftist and Rightist wingers in their varying colors and shades become fanatics. And this is what the Casteless society has to fight against for the rule of righteousness. -Promod … Continue reading WORLD DIVIDED BETWEEN TWO CASTES:

Building Divine Residency More Relevant Than Knowing God He or She

By Promod Puri If God or the Supreme Being is He, She or It; residing in heaven, up there in the sky or just omnipresent in the known or unknown universe. Do we need to indulge in this debate? Not really. Rather we create our own god based on noble thoughts, ethics, and good karma. Besides His numinous and varied perceptions God also offers a meaningful perspective which can be created by the assembly of good thoughts. And the divine residency begins in that on-going construction. Basically, it is an eloquent temperament we are trying to build which gives rationality … Continue reading Building Divine Residency More Relevant Than Knowing God He or She


(From the book Hinduism Beyond Rituals, Customs And Traditions by Promod Puri) Since bias knows no boundaries, Manusmriti not only expounds the social distance between the upper and lower castes, but it also delineates the status of women by curbing their rights. It lists guidelines for men in selecting marriage partners and puts a stamp of their superiority by creating gender inequality. In chapter 3 with numbered paragraphs here it is what Manusmriti prescribes: 8. One should not marry women who have reddish hair, redundant parts of the body [such as six fingers], one who is often sick, one without … Continue reading MANUSMIRITI AND WOMEN

What does Trump have to do with the Hindu sacred syllable, om?

  Republican nominee Donald Trump was recently invited to a fundraising event organized by a conservative group of Hindu Americans, the Republican Hindu Coalition. A poster from the event, which describes the group as “Hindus for Trump,” portrays the candidate in a posture much like that of a yogi in deep meditation. It shows Trump, face pointing upward and hands outstretched, rising up from a mass of red, white and blue flower petals in the shape of a lotus. Prominently displayed in the center is the Indian sacred syllable, “om,” decorated with stars and stripes. Om is the preeminent Sanskrit … Continue reading What does Trump have to do with the Hindu sacred syllable, om?


Jagessar Das M. D. President  Kabir Association of Canada People all over the world talk about tolerance, such as racial tolerance, religious tolerance or cultural tolerance, when they have to live in a society made up of people of different backgrounds. And this tolerance is often thought of as being a virtue. Let us try to understand what tolerance really means. If you try to think clearly about what tolerance means, you will understand that it means to tolerate something or someone that is different, and with whom you cannot identify yourself. It means that you are not ready to … Continue reading TOLERANCE OR ACCEPTANCE

Why it’s easier for India to get to Mars than to tackle its toilet challenge

By Shyami V. Ramani In 2013, India became the fourth country in the world (after Russia, the United States and the European Union) and the only emerging nation to launch a Mars probe into space. Bu… Source: Why it’s easier for India to get to Mars than to tackle its toilet challenge Continue reading Why it’s easier for India to get to Mars than to tackle its toilet challenge

From The Pen Of Baba Bulleh Shah

Parh parh Alam te faazil hoya Te kaday apnay aap nu parhya ee na Translation: You read to become all knowledgeable But you never read yourself You read so many books to know it all, yet fail to ever read your heart at all. Bhaj bhaj warna ay mandir maseeti Te kaday mann apnay wich warya ee na You run to enter temples and mosques But you never entered your own heart) You rush to holy shrines to play a part, Would you dare enter the shrine of your heart Larna ay roz shaitaan de naal Te kadi nafs apnay … Continue reading From The Pen Of Baba Bulleh Shah

Why it’s easier for India to get to Mars than to tackle its toilet challenge

By Shyami V. Ramani In 2013, India became the fourth country in the world (after Russia, the United States and the European Union) and the only emerging nation to launch a Mars probe into space. But it remains part of the group of 45 developing countries with less than 50% sanitation coverage, with many citizens practising open defecation, either due to lack of access to a toilet or because of personal preference. According to the Indian census of 2011, only 46.9% of the 246.6 million households in India had their own toilet facilities, while 3.2% had access to public toilets. … Continue reading Why it’s easier for India to get to Mars than to tackle its toilet challenge

Museum Of Sikh History

By Promod Puri The place is called Virasat-E-Khalsa. It is also known as Khalsa Heritage Complex. But for the local and ordinary folks the unique monument in Anandpur Sahib near Chandigarh is simply known as “Ajuba”. And it certainly is a wonder. With the help of latest in sound and information technology along with impressive architect influenced by the surrounding historic structures in Anandpur Sahib, the place is really an awesome marvel. It is much more than just a tourist attraction. It is a place of knowledge and inspiration presented in concise and easy steps as one walks along the … Continue reading Museum Of Sikh History

American Election Scene

Let us dump Trump and not see his face again. With American politics at an all-time low, it’s no wonder that game developers are taking to their art to express their discontent with the presidential race. The last time we had a presidential race, social media wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today, but now I see Donald Trump all over my newsfeed on Twitter and Facebook. So it’s no wonder that Trump has also leaked into the video game world. Trump Dump is a mobile game that lets those take their anger out on Trump. Trump Dump works … Continue reading American Election Scene


A universal truth Agony, misery, pains or sufferings, both physical and emotional, and in all degrees of intensity, are the realities of life. These are the experiences faced by all without exception. Life means jitters of distress, grief and worries going along with moments of peace and pleasures. Stresses and strains in our lives for one reason or the other give enough turbulence as smooth ride remains an ambition. Unpleasant realities are littered all along the journey of life, and there is no escape from them. The sufferings could be innocently or naively self-inflicted or by others. Elements of nature … Continue reading “NANAK DUKHIYA SABB SANSAR SO SUKHIYA JIS NAAM ADHAAR”

“Koi bole ram ram; koi khudae….

One of the spiritual gems of Guru Nanak Devji, which portrays the essence of all religions: “Koi bole ram ram; koi khudae….” Here is the English translation of shabad: Some call the Lord ‘Ram, Ram’, and some ‘Khuda’. Some serve Him as ‘Gusain’, others as ‘Allah’. He is the Cause of causes, and Generous. He showers His Grace and Mercy upon us. Some pilgrims bathe at sacred shrines, others go on Hajj to Mecca.Some do devotional worship, whilst others bow their heads in prayer. Some read the Vedas, and some the Koran.Some wear blue robes, and some wear white. Some … Continue reading “Koi bole ram ram; koi khudae….

Hindu Swastika Exhibits Tolerance, Fortune and Auspiciousness

By Promod Puri Despite being stigmatized as Nazi emblem of anti-Semitic, hate and violence, Swastika, the world’s most recognized sign, represents an auspicious and sacred symbol in Hinduism. Swastika is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘svastika’ which simply means ‘lucky’. The geometric pattern of Swastika is believed to have its origin over 10,000 years ago in the Indus Valley Civilization. It got worldwide eminence and adoption over the centuries. Many civilizations from Asia to Europe and even in the American continent adopted Swastika as a simple design relating to martial, religious, business and cultural trends including the belief that it … Continue reading Hindu Swastika Exhibits Tolerance, Fortune and Auspiciousness

By Jai Birdi

OBJECTIVE,FAIR,CRITICAL YET RESPECTFUL Very objective, fair, critical, yet respectful observation. Hinduism- “it stimulates and encourages debate, protest, amendments and even deletions of those doctrines or beliefs which are senseless, derogatory, and far from truth” is probably the definition of Hinduism that I could find. The challenge in my view is to create the will, the movement, and desire “to be change”. A welcome addition for creating, supporting, and facilitating debate on a topic that is indeed a ‘multidisciplinary academy’. Congratulations to Mr. Promod Puri ji”. Jai Birdi, President Chetna Society, Canada Continue reading By Jai Birdi

By Dr. Sanjay Grover

FRESH PROSPECTIVE “It is a very concise book and every statement is like an aphorism that needs to be contemplated upon to appreciate its depth and width”. This review is from: Hinduism: Kindle Edition Promod Puri has presented fresh and new perspectives to an ageless philosophy and religion.The book presents the topic of Hinduism as an easy read for the first timer as well as provides new points to ponder for someone who is well versed with the topic of Hinduism! Though terse and journalistic, this philosophizing on the philosophy of Hinduism is a must read. Dr. Sanjay Grover, Solan, India Continue reading By Dr. Sanjay Grover

By Purva Grover

Amazing!!excellently written book in a simple way on a complicated subject Hinduism is not a religion,it is a science in itself Must read book for all Great job done by the author Dr Sandeep Dhavan Gastroenterologist, Chandigarh, India A JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVER By Purva Grover, Editor Indian Trumpet, Dubai Often, we’re not introduced to religion, rarely are we given a choice to pick one. Born in a Hindu family, you follow Hinduism, which as the debate goes is more than a religion; a way of life. When you start reading the book, Hinduism: Beyond Rituals, Customs and Traditions by author (Editor-Journalist) Promod … Continue reading By Purva Grover

By Brenda Maxwell

GREAT INFORMATION Even if you are not a Hindu this book has a lot of great information in it and I recommend highly. “Hinduism…” by Promod Puri was an eye opening and inspiring book with a positive message, even if some of the text was complex and almost scholarly at times… it is what makes the author’s message all the more powerful, in my opinion. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand better what and how Hindus think and what they believe. I for one never really understood the many different aspects of Hinduism, so this … Continue reading By Brenda Maxwell

By Darla Ortiz

TO LEARN ABOUT HINDUISM THIS IS A MUST READ I think anyone who wants to learn more about Hinduism, or just being inspired to expand their level of awareness of the religion should definitely read this book. Even though I am not a Hindu I do have some friends/acquaintances who are, and I thought reading this book might give me even more insight as to how they think and believe. What I really liked was how the author Promod Puri wrote this in a way that everyone could understand and appreciate, not just Hindus or people who were very familiar … Continue reading By Darla Ortiz

By Steph Coleman

NEW IDEAS PRESENTED IN A NEW WAY I have read several books on theology and sometimes I get the sense that most are just recycling old information. Well, for this book it seems like I read a lot of new ideas presented in a new way. I will start by saying this is a wonderful book that I liked much more than I was expecting to! I have read several books on theology and sometimes I get the sense that most are just recycling old information. Well, for this book it seems like I read a lot of new ideas … Continue reading By Steph Coleman

by Gillian Hancock

WRITTEN WITH GREAT KNOWLEDGE It is very engaging and the author writes with great knowledge and passion as he takes on certain aspects of Hinduism in a way I’ve never read before, and I was so impressed with the depth of Puri’s detailing on his reports and the way he is able to explain so much about Hinduism that I didn’t even know. “Hinduism” by Promod Puri is a must-read for anyone studying, or interested in, the topic of Hinduism. It is very engaging and the author writes with great knowledge and passion as he takes on certain aspects of Hinduism … Continue reading by Gillian Hancock

By Essie Harmon

I think anyone who wants to learn more about Hinduism, or just being inspired to expand their level of awareness of the religion that so many follow, they should definitely read this book. I was very impressed by the high quality writing and research that went into this book, “Hinduism-Beyond Rituals, Customs, and Traditions” by Promod Puri. I thought the book was very thorough on the topic of Hinduism and all it encompasses, and intelligently constructed in a way that has a great flow from one topic to the next. The author has a gift for explaining his ideas/viewpoints and … Continue reading By Essie Harmon

By James Masters

The way he writes and puts it all together is very educational, eye-opening, and ultimately transformative. This book, “Hinduism: Beyond Rituals. Customs and Traditions” by Promod Puri was actually far more interesting and insightful than I first expected it to be (no offense to the author). I just wasn’t sure what I was getting myself in for, but as I started reading I was transfixed by Mr. Puri’s impressive knowledge of Hinduism and the many facets of it, and how it relates to life in general… and the way he writes and puts it all together is very educational, eye-opening, … Continue reading By James Masters


Review by Ashok Bhargava The principal idea pursued by Promod Puri’s is to explore meaning of the term ‘Hinduism’ and thereby to understand the Hindu identity in a wide-open structure both traditionally and in the modern world. I have often heard people saying that Hinduism is so vast and deep that many seers have spent their lifetime to ascertain its expanse and complexity without success. I think Mr. Puri has captured the spirit and core of Hinduism in merely 122 pages (14 chapters) very successfully and I congratulate him on his success. Promod’s book provides significant knowledge and insight into … Continue reading EXPLORING MEANING OF HINDUISM


By Naveen Gopal Vice President Pacifica Partners Financial Services Most of us who grew up practicing Hinduism in our daily lives often understand the religion through rituals (poojas), mantras, stories (like the Ramayan) and a series of rules and obligations. We often wonder how we’d teach these customs to our kids in the age of social media, selfies and the internet. Hinduism has a reputation for being vast, democratic and multi-faceted, and this book does an excellent job of boiling it down, helping the reader understand its philosophy, where it came from and why it relevant today, especially in this … Continue reading DETAILED BUT CONCISE OVERVIEW

by Acharya S.P.Dwivedi

Promod Puri is a distinguished Canada-based South Asian journalist and prolific essayist. In his book- “Hinduism…..” he tried to cover the historical evolution of Hindu dharma and its major philosophies, theistic doctrines, social codes, rituals and practices. As far as methodology is concerned Puri has applied analytical approach. He interprets everything rationally and denounces irrational snobbery. Being a Hindu, he doesn’t use any smoke screen to hide his anguish, frustration or guilt-consciousness, and outrightly condemns centuries old decayed, dis-functional and torturous Hindu social traditions and customs. He dealt in length demonic treatment of untouchables and downtrodden (Dalit) segments of society. … Continue reading by Acharya S.P.Dwivedi

Aditi Garg, Tribune India

  Some say Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world and one that is still widely followed. Others say it is more than a religion, a way of life, as those following other religions also practice yoga in one form or the other. It is not just about one God or a set of adherents that bind followers, rather it has evolved over the years and encompasses within its ambit everything from financial guidance to health concerns to familial issues. Promod Puri illustrates Hinduism beyond its popular perception. A graduate from Panjab University’s School of Communication Studies, he worked … Continue reading Aditi Garg, Tribune India

By Vishal Bheeroo

Introduction: Religion is the opium of the people, Karl Marx said. Since times immemorial, various school of thoughts debated on the role religion plays in our lives to strengthen order and unify society rather than being a divisive force. Author Promod Puri’s book ‘Hinduism beyond Rituals, Customs and Traditions’ doesn’t pose as mere religious tokenism but is a real, honest attempt to analyze our fundamental values and the relevance of Hindu culture in the modern age. At one shot, the book serves as fodder to put things in the right perspective, lauding social values but at the same time questions … Continue reading By Vishal Bheeroo


The foundation of Hinduism possibly began without one single founder Archaeologists say the Indus Valley Civilization, along the Indus River in the present-day north-west parts of Pakistan, started around 7000 BC. It reached its pinnacle of that period in 2000 BC with emergence of a fully matured society. The Hindu way of life was part of that societal evolution. It was here the foundation of Hinduism possibly began without one single founder. No initiator and no prime authorship have turned out to be distinctive boon for the Hindu faith. It has not bound itself with a consecrated originator. Without that … Continue reading History


The pathways to divinity are infused with words of morality and ethics, principles and noble deeds. Rituals facilitate the walk The liberalism in Hinduism has encouraged a maze of ritual genesis. From religious point of view ritual is a symbolic and sacramental repetitive activity which provides manner and order in performing revered service. Rituals and diversities in Hinduism based on local traditions, customs and languages invigorate the faith while it adapts itself to changing environments. In these social and cultural transitions rituals perpetually take up dominating space in Hindu convictions and sentiments. Imprints of rituals adequately identify Hinduism as a … Continue reading Rituals

Liberalism in Hinduism

Numerous Hindu gods and goddesses though all are the manifestations of God, hold their respective portfolios in the decentralized regime of the Divine Empire. Being a Hindu is a rational and fascinating involvement in spiritual knowledge and in its practices offering comprehensive choices. It is also an engagement in philosophies for analytic stimulus to debate life beyond religion. Hinduism is liberal. It is secular. It is diverse. And it has depth. The identity of Hinduism lies in its wide-open structure which allows and let develop diverse and distinct ideologies and practices. Without any governing body or binding scriptures, studies in … Continue reading Liberalism in Hinduism

Significance of Om

It is indeed a subject of astronomical acceptance that from the very sound frequencies of Om the building blocks of the universe are evolved The myriad journey of Hindu divinity begins with a simple and pure sound of Om. Om is also spelt as Aum with subtle phonetic articulation. As per Hindu spiritual thinking, Om is considered to be the primordial sound introduced in this universe and perhaps in the whole celestial world. The reasons for its production and its introduction on cosmic scale are part of the God’s ‘lila’ or play responsible for creating this eternal resonance. And that … Continue reading Significance of Om


LIFE IS A GAME OF SOCCER   By Promod Puri All our thoughts and actions are influenced and regulated by the consciousness of the landscape of reality around us. In this landscape, one makes a selection of his or her own space in life’s playfield. And the game starts. It is a collective game, a team game. There is no absolute independence. Our individual likes and dislikes, thoughts and behaviors, actions and reactions, morals, and rules, all are parts of the game. Social and environmental structures around us are the team’s norms in shaping and steering the game. Stamina, discipline, and … Continue reading LIFE IS A GAME OF SOCCER

My Canada Day Salutation Goes:

1. To all the volunteers who strive for dedication and devotion preparing the divine langar and washing dishes in Gurdwaras and Mandirs for the devotees and visitors, as well as for sharing the meals among hungry and homeless people irrespective of their faiths. 2. To those poor and destitute trash collectors who carry shopping carts or plastic bags collecting refundable empty beer, liquor, soda bottles, cans and juice containers to earn some coins, while picking up the litter for a cleaner environment. 3. To the Car Free Day each summer when Vancouver’s ever-vibrant Main Street is closed to all vehicular … Continue reading My Canada Day Salutation Goes:

Singer Jagjit Singh

By Promod Puri In his 40 years of entertaining and alluring singing career, late Jagjit Singh’s soft and “silky” voice created a vast following not only in India but among thousands of his fans settled all over the world as well. Jagjit Singh, who died in October 2011, created a niche for his thick-pitched but soothing voice to enjoy simple vocal music along with blending orchestra of few instruments. His self-composed music and singing style, which usually had a light classical touch in it, can aptly be described as a geet performance though the selection of most of the songs … Continue reading Singer Jagjit Singh

Agree to disagree

By Promod Puri “Agree to disagree” is a declaration of face saving justification. It happens when two or more parties or individuals after an argumentative discussion fail to agree. And in all civility, the agreement results in agree-to-disagree compromise. With that declaration egos remain intact, but time wasted. Nothing is lost, nothing is gained either. India and Pakistan have spent over 68 years in this agree-to-disagree parleys. Their on-and-off dialogues have continued for ever without any spirited solution to end hostilities between the two nations. But agree-to-disagree is a compromising escape route. It has become a longest-running bureaucratic and ministerial … Continue reading Agree to disagree

Magsaysay Award For Fighting Manual Scavenging

An Indian activist who helped to set up a human rights group campaigning for the eradication of manual scavenging, a euphemism for disposing of faeces by hand, was awarded Asia’s equivalent of the Nobel prize on Wednesday. The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation named Bezwada Wilson one of six winners this year, citing his “moral energy and prodigious skill in leading a grassroots movement to eradicate the degrading servitude of manual scavenging in India”. Disposing of faeces from dry toilets and open drains by hand to be carried on the head in baskets to disposal sites, has long been an occupation … Continue reading Magsaysay Award For Fighting Manual Scavenging

Is God A Brahmin

IS GOD A BRAHMIN…: “As all beings are the creation of God, and He or She represents all of them, then in response to Manu’s caste stratification a question arises. Is God Himself or Herself a Brahmin, Kashtriya, Vaishya, Shudra or the touchable Untouchable? The understanding is that God assumes none of these titles. Or being an all inclusive He/She accepts all these appellations plus more”. quote from Hinduism beyond rituals,customs and traditions. Read more about Hinduism Continue reading Is God A Brahmin

Trump Has Great Plan For America

  (Wamiq Misbahi in NY Times)Trump is a man with a vision for America, not a specific vision, a great vision…the best vision…Trump has a plan to make this country great again….What plan??….a great plan…a plan that will work because it’s the best plan…..Why???… because Trump knows good people…which people???….the best people….people that are not stupid like other people….people who know how to get deals done…what deals???…great deals…the biggest deals… because I know words… What words???…I have the best words… I get my information from watching TV… I consult with myself because I have a great brain… A great brain???…the … Continue reading Trump Has Great Plan For America


A work or an activity performed with devotion and concentration of mind is an acceptable Hindu meditative practice. In this focused regime the tools of meditation may be different but the meditator achieves the same spiritual and tranquil experiences. The statue of dancing Nataraja in additions to its other attributes, also symbolizes meditation in action. Meditation in action opens up practically any form of activity from dance to physical yoga exercises, recreation, reading, writing, playing or listening to music, or any life’s work to be meditative as long as the mind stays focused. Excerpt From Hinduism beyond rituals, customs and … Continue reading MEDITATION IN ACTION

Grouse Grind Meditation

  Grouse Grind Meditation/ as posted in Tripadvisor Climbing the 2.9 km steep Grouse Grind mountainous hike in North Vancouver, BC, beside a strenuous workout on ” Mother Nature’s Stairmaster”, is also a sort of kinetic meditation of about 90 minutes. The focus has to be on the uneven steps and the rough ground underneath leading up to the top of the popular Grouse Mountain. The grueling experience when over gives a exhilarating feeling of like conquering Mt. Everest. It is one activity which remains as one of the highlights of summer in Vancouver. The “grind” has got some needed … Continue reading Grouse Grind Meditation


In its antiquity, narratives and parables, philosophical depths, diversity in beliefs, rituals, myths and interpretations, the studies in Hinduism seem like a world of confusion and contradictions. But it is not. With open and liberal mind the exploration despite being adventurously bumpy, is extremely interesting and engrossing as well. Read more about Hinduism Continue reading STUDIES IN HINDUISM:


By Promod Puri This brief article is inspired by widely acclaimed Vancouver-based spiritual writer Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now”. It is not an attempt to give a motivational advice. But coming up with an idea, in line with the basic theme of the “Power of Now” in realizing, accepting, capturing and enjoying every moment happening just now. Experience the past, flyover the future, but stay in the present. Moments matter in this stay. These moments come and go in the time flash of now. In an endeavor to dwell in the “now” (the present moment) let us get into the … Continue reading LIVING IN THE PRESENT


A multi-million-dollar sports carnival of athletic strength and spectacle by physically super human beings has started in Rio De Janeiro amidst the sharp realities of poverty, Zika threat, foul waters and the on-going political instability in Brazil. The show must continue every four years to thrill the interested watchers worldwide if one does not switch channels to see a part of humanity scratching some living in a world struggling to survive in slums and starvation. It is a recreation of the rich and for the rich where the poor just provide the bulk to the Olympic body. The gold, the … Continue reading THE OLYMPIC SHOW

President Donald Trump On The Phone With…….

Trump: Yes, yes Warren, it is me, Donald Trump, the President of the Untied States of America. Warren: Oh, thank you Mr. President for attending to my phone call. I was just wondering how it is going so far. Trump: Things should be going smooth soon. A pile of files is sitting on the presidential desk. My temperament is not used to reading. All my life I worked with my gut feelings. And that is the culture I want to introduce here in the White House. Warren: That is going to be tough…… Trump: Not really Warren, it is going … Continue reading President Donald Trump On The Phone With…….

Sports Is Show Business

The basic reason to involve oneself in sports is to seek and maintain healthy body. Recreation comes next. But in the contemporary society social, cultural, competitive, big business and even political aspects dominate the field of sports. Olympics, world cricket and world soccer events are the prime examples of this phenomenon. Mass participation in sports, especially in poor and developing countries, is being hurt by mass entertainment for sports watchers and enthusiasts. Sports is a show business, not a preferred involvement in healthy and recreational lifestyle. -By Promod Puri Continue reading Sports Is Show Business

Hinduism, Diwali and swastikas: Explained

Published on: November 1, 2016 | Last Updated: November 1, 2016 1:33 PM PDT Douglass Todd With Canada’s 500,000 Hindus celebrating Diwali throughout this week, the awkward topic of the religion’s swastika symbol has again arisen. One young North American Hindu has confessed in a revealing, tender-hearted piece how he often tries to convince his mother not to put Hinduism’s swastika symbol on the doorstep during Diwali. Since most of the Western world associates the swastika with Naziism, Parth Shah told NPR he becomes mortified that North Americans might think his family somehow supports such atrocities. His mother refuses to … Continue reading Hinduism, Diwali and swastikas: Explained

An Overview of the American Election Scene

Following the American election is like watching a live theatrical performance of wit and idiocy. The ongoing show besides its elements of great entertainment and fuel for discussion, reveals the left-right extremes of current American political thinking and behavior. No doubt the most colorful and watched character in this spectacle is Donald Trump who impulsively spits out his unscripted discourses the moment these are created in his narcissist egghead workshop. The stupidity of Trump-level scripts is his big asset. He sure does a good job in creating the scenarios which are scary when introduced, but often laughable and entertaining as … Continue reading An Overview of the American Election Scene

Left Vs Right Ideologies

By Promod Puri What is swaying the world for the past several decades is the binaries of left and right ideologies with elements of power, ego and greed. These elements have been part of both left and right regimes from Cuba to China and Russia to the USA along with its allies in Europe, and in the developing countries of Asia, Africa and South America. The left and right ideological factor has superseded the expansionist factor which dominated the reigning supremacy over land and people for centuries. And even religious domination is not much an ideological factor in sovereign expansion. … Continue reading Left Vs Right Ideologies

How To Win Elections Trump Style

By Promod Puri Unless a celestial intervention takes place the next spectacle of the American election will be the pompous entry of Donald Trump as Republican nominee in the presidential race. In his march toward clinching the party’s nomination Trump has revealed the very landscape of America which is still extensively dotted with xenophobic swamps and bogs breeding and feeding the Klan-everglades. Trump’s battle for nomination seems to be a well-planned strategy, and being a demagog he has successfully rounded up American diehards to create a nation-wide constituency of ultraconservatives. Consequent to that Trump does not belong to the Republican … Continue reading How To Win Elections Trump Style