The Good & Bad In Rituals

Some rituals have rationales, explanations and acceptable interpretations. But there are others which are meaningless, vague and disconnected. These exhibit indignation, confusion and even disgrace… Source: The Good & Bad In Rituals

History Of Hinduism

Excerpt from Hinduism Beyond Rituals, Customs And Traditions Hinduism has de-emphasized the period of its origin. Instead, it has taken a philosophical route which is cyclical rather linear. It doe… Source: History Of Hinduism

Bad Rituals Breed Fanaticism

One major drawback instituted in ambiguous rituals is the fear factor. And in absurdity, some rituals promise to work like cure-all miracles. Illogical rituals block the real spirit of religion. Such customs generate fanaticism. Rituals help in cult formation. The entry of fake gurus in the Hindu faith is thru the contamination created by inane … Continue reading Bad Rituals Breed Fanaticism

Rituals Are Part of Hinduism’s Portfolio

Ritual of worship is not only a devout service but meditative expression of reverence for a faith or deity as well.  Being its key part a religion without its procedural customs and practices canno… Source: Rituals Are Part of Hinduism's Portfolio

A journey of self-discovery

By Purva Grover, Founder & Editor- The Indian Trumpet, Dubai, UAE   Often, we’re not introduced to religion, rarely are we given a choice to pick one. Born in a Hindu family, you follow Hindu… Source: A journey of self-discovery

All About Hinduism

Why are there so many gods and goddesses in Hinduism? Why worship an idol? Is going to temple mandatory in the faith? What impact does the caste system have on Hindu society? Why do some rituals ma… Source: All About Hinduism


“When India got Independence and Ambedkar being the principle author of the nation’s constitution and holding the law portfolio in the cabinet, Untouchability was declared unlawful. After cen… Source: MANUSMRITI IS ILLEGAL

Some nuggets of history

May 8, 2016 edition By Aditi Garg Some say Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world and one that is still widely followed. Others say it is more than a religion, a way of life, as those following other religions also practice yoga in one form or the other. It is not just about … Continue reading Some nuggets of history


Progressive Hindu Dialogue is an initiative to explore, recognize and advance the rational, liberal and progressive nature of Hinduism. It is also a forum to debate the symbolic aspects of Hinduism… Source: Welcome


The pathways to divinity are infused with words of morality and ethics, principles and noble deeds. Rituals facilitate the walk The liberalism in Hinduism has encouraged a maze of ritual genesis. From a religious point of view, a ritual is a symbolic and sacramental repetitive activity which provides manner and order in performing revered service. … Continue reading Rituals

Hinduism and Lord Ganesh

The art community's fascination for Lord Ganesh is due to His unique appearance as a clearly recognizable elephant tusk-hooded portrayal. In Hindu thought, an elephant is revered for its intelligence. Consequently, Lord Ganesh in His elephant-look image is perceived as the god of knowledge, intellect, and wisdom. Besides these scholarly exhibits, Lord Ganesh gathers a … Continue reading Hinduism and Lord Ganesh